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New  Sex Colognes


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Most Powerful Pheromone Concentration on the Market



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Guaranteed HOT SEX or your money back!
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Rated #1 Sex Colognes

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For over 20 years Intimate Research has delivered high concentration of odorless Human pheromones that creates sexual attraction that gives you the unfair advantage over your competition. 

Endless scientific studies have proven that  sex pheromone concentration works on the subconscious mind that creates sexual desire and flirtations gestures towards you. 
These  sex Pheromone concentrates are so powerful they cannot be sold in major department stores.  Our pheromone infused scents for men and women are the best on the market today. 
Dont  Hesitate !   Our existing customers have been enjoying the success of our pheromones for years now you can too.  Order today!
" Sex Pheromones Work!"
Packages arrive Discreet for your privacy
Don't Hesitate. Get better sex today!

The Super Primal Concentrate for Men or Women


This extraordinary, unscented fluid contains highly concentrated human sex pheromones. Just 10 drops equals the power of an entire bottle of our regular cologne! Now available in THREE POWERFUL STRENGTHS, 1x, 2x or 3x, in either a cosmetic alcohol base or our new Exotic oil base collection.


Use it alone, add it to your own cologne, put it on your clothing or car seats or massage it into leather. Only your imagination limits its use, but the response you'll get from the opposite sex in your life will be beyond your imagination.


Upgrade your Super Primals to a 3x for the Ultimate Ecstasy Experience!

$$ New Super Primal Prices $$

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